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Soap Suds By Pam

Customer Reviews

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"I love the peppermint joy facial scrub. It is my favorite. I bought this at the art and farmers market in union plaza, loved it so much I wanted to try out some more product so I ordered some soaps and lip balm online. Fast shipping and guess what? Those products are amazing, too. Feels like I am pampering my skin. I am going to be a loyal customer." -Joni 7/13/2014

"I received my order and loved it. I can see the difference after using the cucumber facial mask and the peppermint sugar scrub. My face feels clean and fresh. The butt naked hands and feet sugar scrub has helped with my dry feet. Can't wait to order more. Thanks for making such great products :) " -Claudia 7/10/2014

"She does custom work and makes sure her customers are 100% satisfied. Excellent customer service. All her products smell great. Her cucumber clay mask is my favorite." -Maxine 6/2/2014

"Thank you for the soap! I have been using it a few days now and my dry hands feel soft after using it!" -Natalie 4/4/2014

"All the products smell so good and I love the creams and soaps." -Karla 3/14/2014

"I bought the hemp hand lotion in white tea and ginger at the street fair. My hands had really been suffering and nothing was working. Luv the lotion really works and smells great. Can't wait to try the soaps." Rosie 3/7/2014

"They smell wonderful and relieved my dry skin from this winter weather. I loved the Wake Up Jolt and Coconut Lime." -Christy 3/3/2014

"The soap Pam personally creates and sells solved the dry skin from the water." -Terry 3/2/2014

"The soaps, lotions, scrubs are truly top of the line without the top of the line cost. My husband has suffer from horrible dry skin moving to el paso but this soaps make him feel amazing! Not only do they feel great they smell great!!! And to top it off, best service!!! Pam is sweet and caring! Can't ask for more!" -Lorrane 3/2/2014

"First of all, I really like the special touches to the product [Butt Naked Sugar Scrub)...the ribbon and the flower on the product itself. It really feels like you're getting a gift! The scrub smells amazing, the Butt Naked scent :) It's also not too oily; some scrubs have lots of oil sitting at the top, but this one is well blended and very moisturizing. This is quite a treat and it doesn't feel too harsh on the skin. It's great to use anywhere! I would love to see this in several scents :) I personally like strongly-scented products." -Miranda 2/12/2014

"My daughter loves your kids soap. She calls the seeds in it 'tickle dots.' Also, thank you so much for my package. The facial scrub is invigorating!" -Nicole 2/12/2014

"Just received my hemp lotion in the mail and it worked GREAT for my recent dry hands problem. The butt naked sugar scrub is definitely my favorite though. And of course, all of these soap samples smell so good, my boyfriend asked if there were products for men! Thanks again, Pam! :) " -Kaitlin 2/6/2014

"The Peppermint Scrub is fantastic, love the feel after you rinse your face. I almost finish the jar and can't wait to order a new one. I absolutely recommend your products. Thank you so much!!" -Lillian 1/31/2014